In 2005, Eminem went to rehab and successfully achieved sobriety after spending time there. Gucci Mane is one of several rappers who didn’t quit their addiction because of their time in rehab. However, he did not put much effort into fighting it until 2014. “What stopped me was when I was facing 20 years in prison. I knew I couldn’t have drugs in my life,” Gucci Mane shared with the finance publication Money. Many have penned verses about taking drugs to cope with trauma and depression.

  • After almost dying from a drug overdose, the rapper decided to clean up his act.
  • As part of his plea, Dro had to submit to a drug/alcohol evaluation within 30 days of his release.
  • In an interview with G-Unit, Tony Yayo confirmed that 50 Cent abstains from drugs and alcohol.
  • Some of today’s biggest names like Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi, among others, have spent much of their careers looking for a way to cope with their own personal traumas.
  • This is a list of rappers who are sober and recovering from former addictions.

I was nervous a little, but you’re always slightly nervous before you go on. But then, when you go on, it’s like autopilot. So I never really had too much of a problem performing, as crazy as that sober rappers sounds. I would wait until after the performance to get a little sauced here and there. I wanted to keep it professional a little bit. My first tour was “The Heartbreak Soldiers Tour” in 2018.

Ro-say all day, every day.

If recent pictures are anything to go by, it looks like Guwop has stayed sober. Despite his absurd and often offensive music, Tyler, the Creator has stated that some things aren’t for everyone, which was a reference to drug use. Joe Budden is best known for his work with hip-hop group Slaughterhouse. He has publicly stated that while many individuals can participate in the use of drugs and still function, he cannot.

The partnership comes at a time when alcohol use is rising and overdose deaths are at an all-time high. CLEAN Cause donates 50% of its net profits to help people in recovery, a cause the rapper is passionate about. Unlike some of his fellow Odd Future members, Tyler, The Creator made a deliberate decision to not smoke or drink.

Rappers Who Are Drug-Free

His addiction was severe to the point where he admitted he was almost dropped fromhis label, Top Dawg Entertainment. Isaiah Rashad’s alcoholism continued after The Sun’s Tirade, resulting in an even longer gap between albums before eventually quitting drinking and smoking in 2019. After spending time in rehab, his third album, 2021’s The House is Burning, was recorded completely sober. Tyler, The Creator’s story with alcohol and drugs is a little different to some others on this list.

The lead singer of The Killers is devout Mormon and openly sober. Urban announced on Ellen in 2010 that he was sober because he wanted to put his family first. Twain never drinks or smokes and is also a vegetarian. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. The amount of pain and damage that I can do very quickly in losing the trust of others happens instantaneously.

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He may rap about blood and gore, but Tyler, the Creator says “no to drugs, I never spark it.” The Odd Future leader has a strict stance against drug use, despite being surrounded by it. Judging by his boundless energy and creative mind, he’s doing just fine without it. According to his own social media posts Ice-T is pretty much – if not entirely – sober. Not only has he found massive success both a solo and featured artist, but along with Chad Hugo, he penned some of the biggest hits of the 00s and 10s as The Neptunes.

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The reasons behind their strong dependence on alcohol and drugs are diverse. It can include cultural influences, socioeconomic backgrounds, mental health struggles, and the desire to portray a particular image. Fortunately, artists who struggle with addiction often take the bold step of going to rehab. Over the years, many rappers have sought help in an effort to deal with their addictions. Also, some artists proudly speak out against the current drug obsession in Hip Hop. Em once told “VIBE” that he had to relearn how to record music sober.

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These include Narcotics Anonymous, #DrugFlow and Patron Saint of Everything Totally Fucked, all of which were released before the group’s formation in 2014. The album, A Man Rose from the Dead, received mixed reviews among fans. I know that addiction is a treatable disease, but I’m never going to be cured, and I’m completely fine with that. The world that recovery has led me to is beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

  • They’ll probably get a project out in September.
  • Some famous rappers who don’t drink or do drugs went to rehab while other sober rappers quit cold turkey.
  • These days, prescription drugs seem to be a part of the rapper starter kit.
  • He has been very public about his past drug use and recent relapses.